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MaisonSmiths specialise in strategic communications across a variety of sectors. We have a focus on working with brands, events, campaigns and projects that are rooted in Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fashion, Music, Film and Hospitality, though our portfolio is vast.


MaisonSmiths have a particular penchant for bridging the

gap between Australia and the US. 


After over two decades of life and travel between the two continents, we acutely understand both and our relationships between the two markets is second to none.


MaisonSmiths are passionate about what we do.


We've worked all over and we always go the extra mile with the people, projects, companies, campaigns and brands we work with.







  • PR Strategy

  • Media Relations

  • Corporate Communications

  • Public Relations

  • Speaking Engagements- panel expert

  • Voiceover

  • MC + Hosting

  • Strategic Communications

  • Talent, Artist and Celebrity PR Management

  • Media, Promotional and Publicity Tours

  • Brand Strategy

  • Publicity

  • Creative Direction

  • High-profile Event Management

  • Red Carpet Management

  • Press Junkets + media famils

  • Media Training + public speaking



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